Meet the Band

Meet the Band

Delaney Natke
Lead/Back Up Vocals
Bella Arini
Lead/Back Up Vocals
Geo Sinnott


John Salsido – A working musician for 43 years, John has also been a music educator for 35 years. He considers himself to be very fortunate to still be an active musician and has a great love for the Reason2Rock program. “I love helping this age group, they absorb so much, so quickly, and yet hopefully, we as mentors can show them more than just the notes, we can teach them about the past. The Beatles gave back to America their music, with a newness that caught everyone by surprise, maybe this program can capture that essence and do the same.” John is our lead guitar coach, and also a music coach. He can be seen and heard throughout southeast Michigan in his band, Wayward Wind.


Lisa Niebauer - With 35 years of teaching experience, Lisa is the owner of Giocoso Music Studio. Specializing in Piano and Woodwind performance, she teaches not only piano and woodwind but brass instruments and vocal lessons. If you have questions about piano or woodwind technique, she is the go-to person. With a strong belief in giving back to the community and many years of community service, we feel she is the perfect fit as a director for R2R.



Barb Teeter-Mahoney – A musician for over 30 years, Barb has played drums with local bands, traveling across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Canada, she has had the honor of opening at Pine Knob/DTE for INXS, Sponge, Firehouse, and KISS.


The Ground Zero Band is currently looking for additional members and mentors.

Additional Drum Mentor: Hammerin' Cameron Miller - Drums & percussion

Additional Drum Mentor: Michael Salcido - Drums