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If you are interested in getting more information or setting up an audition, please contact us at:

Lisa Niebauer 810-614-1572

Lorrelei Natke 810-441-8636

Board of Directors




Lorrelei Natke- With a vocal degree from the California Institute of Arts, National touring experience, and thirty years in business, Lorrelei had the idea that giving back to the community through a music education program for young musicians was a labor of love.


Lisa Niebauer- An International touring resume spanning three decades, 35 years as a music educator, 30 years playing with numerous local, and national bands, and over six years as a music & vocal coach for various private programs, her love of classic rock and educating children bring her to the Reason2Rock program.


Sallie Kyllonen- A self-employed tax professional at MacMillan Tax Services, with 36 years of business experience, including tax preparation, and bookkeeping. A graduate of Macomb Community College and a member of Phi Theta Kappa.


Colton Caron- Giving us perspective on the younger generation, Colt has teaching experience on the bass guitar and synthesizer and is our resident sound engineer. Currently working with his band Shady Groves, he brings an entirely separate concept on new rock to the Reason2Rock Program.


Mara Ganfield- Mara brings many years of fundraising experience to the R2R program and has been a fixture at the Ground Zero shows since the beginning. A Wealth of experience with kids, and with the community makes her an amazing asset to the program.